Soar high over the Savannah plains while wildlife roams wild and free beneath you. Hot air balloon rides take place in scenic beauty of Masai Mara. A gentle ascent takes you well above tree-top level and the whispering light breeze soothes the hearts as you enjoy a panoramic view of wildlife drama unequaled anywhere in the whole wide world. Thrilling drama of nature’s battle of predators verses the preys, that is constantly displayed in the savanna grassland from time immemorial. It’s worthy your dollar!

On a large modern passenger balloon it gives passengers added stability, security and comfort. Despite being high in the air, you will be surprised at how smooth the flight is, and how secure one feels in perfect weather conditions.

You also feel reassured in the knowledge that ballooning is one of the safest of all the adventure activities. Add that to the thought of flying with pilots with perfect safety record, and you are assured of peace of mind all through your flight.